About us

Who we are:
The SFA Skillnet was established to help small businesses (from sole traders to SMEs) upskill their teams in a cost effective and practical way. No one understands small businesses and their challenges like we do. We know you are time poor and sending a staff member on a training day, or taking time out from your business is a big deal, but if you don’t upskill your team, you can’t grow. We have devised a range of training programmes, listed below, specifically designed to maximise learning in a short time frame, with practical and actionable outcomes so you can get back to what you do best, running your business. To help you keep costs down, our training programmes are heavily subsidised. You can receive up to a 60% saving on the cost of upskilling your team.

What we do
The aim of the SFA Skillnet is to help you make your company as competitive and productive as possible by addressing skills gaps within industry. Our training programmes are delivered by extremely knowledgeable industry experts, and address both technical and non-technical skills. They are specifically designed for the SME sector. There is a strong focus on the areas of Management Skills, the Talent Lifecycle and Future Skills – all areas you need to develop and grow your business. Networking is one of the most important skills for your business so we also run networking events. These have been very effective for our members, allowing smaller companies to meet and network with the larger firms. The combined training and networking element means companies work collaboratively together, sharing their experiences and learning from each other. Our team organise the procurement and training administration, saving you further time. We can also organise either in-house or external training.

Benefits of training with SFA Skillnet

The SFA Skillnet is free to join and our training programmes are funded from the National Training fund through the Department of Education and Skills. All training
delivered by the network is funded by Skillnet Ireland and our member companies. With members across every sector of the economy, we have superb networking opportunities. Membership is open to businesses based in the Republic of Ireland.

Skillnet Ireland is mandated to support private sector enterprise. Public sector organisations and companies based outside the Republic of Ireland unfortunately cannot become part of a Skillnet network. Charities and not-for-profit organisations can take part in a Skillnet training courses, by ensuring the payment for training does not come from public funds. Contact Geraldine Lavin, the SFA Skillnet Network Manager to discuss this further. Email; geraldine.lavin@sfa.ie.

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